Plea for reverse expansionism

Let’s imagine for a moment that we only fly to Mars for ‘flying back’ to Earth. Mars as a true large-scale pilot and focus point for exploring romantic ideas of space, existence and nirvana. Going for reverse expansionism – mastery of difficulties and the unexpected, creating an alternate version of humanity and re-import to Earth.


Mars as a field of experimentation under extreme conditions, not as a defenseless mining field and polluted area to the extreme. Mars as a ‘terrain’ where cultures prevail, but not nations. Mars where growing does not mean more at the outside, but richer and experienced at the inside.

The Stack Extension: IPC – inter-planetary computing

Bratton’s The Stack – On Software and Sovereignty outlines a model for planetary computing as ‘accidental megastructure’ with the six layers Earth, Cloud, City, Address, Interface and User.

But we are already working on the Stack extension: inter-planetary computing and two new levels of the megastructure: Artificial Intelligence and Humanoids/Robots.

Inner-solar system politics will become a new reality.


(GLSL source: Shane)


So far transient system faults were known in the form of false signal triggering, data errors, freezing problems, sound crackling or color shifts.

A new glitch type has now been identified in AI systems – they suddenly express emotional behaviour such as hesitation, aggressive behaviour, inattentiveness, low self-esteem, refusal to cooperate, unreflected decision making, and counter-productive action.






Join for Mars

Doors are closing, we have a lift-off, not sure if we will come back, but we realise a dream, only the starting point, looking back with full respect, but also with disgust about our own non-abilities, hoping that this time it will be different…


Human Touch AI

_by configuration stimulates true and respectful creativity
_challenges Humans to stay active for avoiding gene and brain degeneration in saturated society bubbles
_transgresses the notion of a single entity AI and becomes part of collective intelligence
_helps Human to transgress time spaces
_enables revealing profound details about human existence
_a third way between US corporate and military driven and Chinese data driven AI
_is governed in a decentralised way


Science and Art

What 100 years ago was called Secession is today called STARTS – seceding from established contemporary fine art towards new forms of creation and a different and a different form of expression.