BEAUTIFUL_TOUCH 3rd iteration loops 1&2

vlcsnap-2015-12-24-15h52m23s091Art in beta-culture between substantial body of work and permanent update for the community. Selfreferential performance play in three sets with human participation through a web-interface both in the space and remotely. With Guida Inês Maurício and James Hudson and. Transnumériques Biennale of Digital Culture 2015.


TRANSDEMO {1} Mons 2015

Transdemo_1115.pngTransdemo offers a platform of visibility to small hybrid and digital forms (performances, installations, media devices…), where artists show work in progress. The public and professionals are invited to give their feedback on the occasion of a convivial meeting following the presentation of this work. This edition of Transdemo@Transnumériques 2015 has been conceived in collaboration with Peter M Friess.

Philippe Boisnard – Shape of memory

Luis Miguel Girao – Homo Conscientis

Alexandra Dementieva  + Maurice Charles JJ – Tunnel Hearing

Junkai Chen + Corentin Clouet + Victor Huguenin – Pour peindre un concert